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Radio Canada DX Group Web Site

Welcome to the new collaborative web site for the Radio Canada DX Group.
It is powered by MediaWiki - a powerful Open Source community project served on Fedora Linux.

The "Radio Canada DX Group" is a non-profit, 11-meter SSB (Single Side Band), Citizens Band Radio Group, established in 1969.

  • It replaced "Radio Free Canada" which was adopted in Saskatchewan sometime in the middle 60's.
  • Our Group is open to all Canadians and we take great pride in representing our country to the rest of the World.
  • Our aim is to promote a degree of professionalism in the Canadian "Theatre of Radio Operations" and to unite the collective voice of Canadians.
  • Our Group enjoys a worldwide reputation of first class Radio Operation.

Guest-book is open!

Or contact us via email at contact AT radiocanadadxgroup DOT COM

ATTENTION! The National Roster for the Radio Canada DX Group is once again open due to popular demand.

    • We will posting an updated current roster for each province.
    • If you are looking for a RCDX Group number please contact Doug (RC02)

Alternate Group Frequency

    • If DX is heavy (or just plain annoying) members are encouraged to monitor CH35 LSB (27.355mhz) instead of the usual CH38 LSB (27.385mhz).
    • If DX is heavy during a Sunday night checkin we will move the net to Ch35 LSB (27.355mhz).
    • Scheduled time for the checkin will remain the same (7:55pm CDT to 10:05pm CDT)

New Stuff
Updated February 3rd, 2019

Up Coming Events

Previous Postings

December 20th, 2015 - DX rolling tonight from across Canada!

    • Great to hear a lot of Canadian stations tonight
    • we're live on 38 and 35 until 10PM CST

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Visit the DX Zone

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