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Alberta Provincial Roster

We are currently in need of an Alberta Provincial coordinator. If interested please contact Doug - RC02 MB


RC-11		Ron        	Edmonton
RC-12		Len        	Linarea
RC-13		Edna       	Linarea
RC-25      	Ed         	Thorhild
RC-45      	Lawrence   	Calgary
RC-62      	Yves       	Grand Prairie
RC-100     	Paul       	Onoway
RC-102     	Pat        	Onoway
RC-108     	+Carl      	( R.I.P.) Stirling
RC-113     	Leo        	Viny
RC-119     	Ron        	Edmonton
RC-123     	+Mel       	( R.I.P.) Calgary
RC-222    	Sue        	Clive
RC-246     	Glen       	Westlock
RC-268          +Bill		( R.I.P.) Calgary
RC-317     	+Wally     	( R.I.P.) Calgary
RC-370     	Sharon     	Thorhild
RC-414     	Norm       	Calgary
RC-422     	David      	Calgary
RC-445     	Art        	Westlock
RC-451     	Alex       	Gunn
RC-497     	Sandy      	Bushby
RC-601     	Tim        	Calgary
RC-666     	Billy      	Westlock
RC-674     	Neil       	Bushby
RC-678     	John       	Calgary
RC-733     	+Rolland   	( R.I.P.) Calgary
RC-734     	+Sharon    	( R.I.P.) Calgary
RC-805	        Nilton		Calgary	 
RC-845     	Richard    	Coaldale	
RC-887     	Ross       	Pickardville
RC-888     	Dave       	Pickardville
RC-889     	Lori       	Pickardville
RC-1031    	Rommell    	High Prairie
RC-1303    	Chesley    	Fort MacMurray
RC-1340    	Ted        	Lethbridge
RC-2121    	Mike       	Lloydminster
RC-2469    	Malen      	Strathmore
RC-4111    	Walter     	Bushby
RC-5163   	Darrel     	Bushby
RC-7117    	Ed         	Bushby
RC-8120   	Adam       	Calgary 
RC-9309    	Richard    	Calgary 

RC-587 Chris Okotoks -- Moved NFLD

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