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RADIO CANADA ( Nova Scotia )


As of September 2015, Paul K. RC-4000 has resigned as Provincial Coordinator. We wish to sincerely thank him for his efforts on be have of the Radio Canada DX Group.

If you are interested in taking over as Provincial Coordinator please contact Doug .

If you are a resident of Nova Scotia and would like join the Radio Canada DX Group please contact Doug.

Current Roster August 2015

RC-02		Mike		Amherst, Maritime (CO)
RC-02		Hugh		Inverness, CBI (CO)
RC-04		Scott		Porters Lake
RC-13		John		Nappan
RC-14		George		Amherst	
RC-16		Russell		Truro
RC-19		Wayne		Truro
RC-20		Ken		Springhill,CB
RC-41		Eli		River He'bert
RC-42		Jon		Amherst
RC-44		Terry		Maccan
RC-48		Marion		Amherst
RC-55		Dexter		River He'bert
RC-60		Georgina	Sydney,CB
RC-67		Bruce		Pugwash
RC-77		Thelma		Truro
RC-80		Ed		New Glasgow
RC-82		Brent		Cumberland
RC-85		Phillip		Truro
RC-91		Harvey		New Glasgow
RC-92		Edie		New Glasgow
RC-103		Rickey		River He'bert
RC-106		Bill		Maitland
RC-108		Robert		New Glasgow
RC-110		Joe		New Glasgow|
RC-112		Beatrice	Truro
RC-116		Carl		Mt.Uniake
RC-117		Bill		Mt.Uniake
RC-118		Terry		MT.Uniake
RC-119		Richard		Waverely
RC-121		Keith		Armdale
RC-122		Gerard		Mt.Uniake
RC-123		Bud		Eastern Passage
RC-124		Earl		Halifax
RC-125		Mike		Halifax
RC-126		Eric		Armdale
RC-127		Mary		Bedford
RC-130		Bruce		Dartmouth
RC-131		Garth		Dartmouth
RC-132		Paul		Dartmouth
RC-133		Heather		Dartmouth
RC-134		Tom		Dartmouth
RC-135		Gerry		Dartmouth
RC-136		Keith		Sackville
RC-137		Ted		Dartmouth
RC-138		Charlie		Halifax
RC-173		Dave		Porters Lake
RC-181		Bruce		Joggins
RC-205		Ron		Dartmouth
RC-220		Ken		Springhill
RC-225		Hilson		Springhill
RC-229		Michel		
RC-234		Jim		Tatamagouche
RC-251 		George		Trenton
RC-252		Joey		Stellarton
RC-253		Eugene		New Glasgow
RC-254		Lawrence	New Glasgow
RC-255		Norman		Saltspring
RC-256		Sandy		New Glasgow
RC-257		Ken		New Glasgow
RC-259		Percy		Westville
RC-260		Frank		Truro
RC-261		Glen		Belmont
RC-270		Brian		Picton County
RC-271		Viola		Westville
RC-275		Keith		Westville
RC-276		Joyce		New Glasgow
RC-277		Sandy		Wallace
RC-278		Heston		Pictou
RC-279		Donald		New Glasgow
RC-280		Eldon		Sherbrouke
RC-281		Archie		Westville
RC-282		Don		Stellarton
RC-283		Rita		Stellarton
RC-284		Dan		Pictou
RC-285		LLoyd		County Harbout
RC-286		Chuck		New Glasgow
RC-287		George		Pictou
RC-288		Irene		Pictou
RC-289		Joe		New Glasgow
RC-290		Joey		Trenton
RC-292		Sam		New Glasgow
RC-293		John		Westville
RC-294		Kenny		New Glasgow
RC-295		Roy		New Glasgow
RC-296		Herb		New Glasgow
RC-297		Bill		Hopewell
RC-298		Delsey		Cheticamp,CBI
RC-299		Betty		Stellarton
RC-300		Jane		Lima,Ohio, USA
RC-301		Alberta		Alder Point,CBI
RC-302		Pat		Cheticamp,CBI 
RC-304		Angus		Cheticamp,CBi
RC-305		William		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-306		Helen		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-307		Arnold		North Sydney,CBI
RC-308 		Greg		North Sydney,CBI
RC-309		Jeannie		Alder Point,CBI
RC-310		Shirley		George River,CBI
RC-311		Alexandrer	Sydney River,CBI
RC-312		Mary		Sydney,CBI
RC-313		Ethol		Sydney,CBI
RC-314		Mary Jane	Sydney,CBI
RC-315		Marie		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-316		Russell		Westville
RC-317		Ray		Westminster Town
RC-319		Ronnie		River He'bert
RC-324		Sheila		Trumanville
RC-325		Paul		Trumanville
RC-352.A	Margaret	Florence,CBI
RC-353		Raymond		Port Morien,CBI
RC-354		Ken		Glace Bay,CBI
RC-355		Robert		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-359		Eugene		Sydney,CBI
RC-360		Donald		Sydney,CBI
RC-361		Carmilla	Sydney,CBI
RC-362		Rita		Victoria Mines,CBI
RC-363		Clyde		Sydney,CBI
RC-364		Rosemarie	Sydney,CBI
RC-365		Wayne		Sydney,CBI
RC-366		Henry		Port Morien,CBI
RC-367 		Paul		Sydney,CBI
RC-372		John		Sydney,CBI
RC-373		Jerry		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-374		John		Sydney Mines,CBI
RC-375		Ferinand	Sydney Mines, CBI
RC-391		Henry		Joggins
RC-392		Edward		Joggins
RC-393		Eileen		Amherst
RC-397		Robert		Amherst
RC-400		Dale		Amherst
RC-401		David		North River
RC-403		Kathy		Truro
RC-404		Steven		Amherst
RC-407		Kenny		Amherst
RC-408		Dave		Warren
RC-409		Mary		Warren	
RC-490		Debbie		Truro
RC-501		Rod		Amherst
RC-508		Alice		Cape Edmond
RC-516		John		Amherst
RC-517		Randy		Hausport
RC-518		Ian		Amherst
RC-525		Gene		Cumberland
RC-535		Shirley		Amherst
RC-587		Steve		Diligent River
RC-589		Doug		Nappan
RC-601		Tom		Dartmouth
RC-629		Anthony
RC-640		Curtis
RC-747		L.M.		Truro
RC-854		Doc		Amherst
RC-952		Georgena	Amherst
RC-999		Jim		Amherst
RC-1022		Andrew		Grandville Ferry
RC-1256		Chris		Annapolis Royal	
RC-1391		Anthony		Truro
RC-1392		Linda		Truro
RC-1466		Aubrey		Brookfield
RC-1467		Bealuh		Brookfield
RC-1583		David		Truro
RC-1813		Charles		Truro
RC-2739		Bernadette	Stellarton
RC-4000	        Paul K.      
RC-9672         PAUL W
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