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Saskatchewan Provincial Coordinator

Anglo Wickstrum Radio Canada 07

  • Anglo is the coordinator for the Saskatchewan chapter of the Radio Canada DX Group of Canada.

If you are a resident of Saskatchewan and would like join the Radio Canada DX Group please contact Doug via email.

RC-03		Andy		Regina, Prov. Coordinator        		
RC-07		Anglo		Saskatoon, Prov. ( CO) Central SK.		
RC-09		Reg		Regina,	Prov. Coordinator & Secretary        	
RC-11		Howard		Regina
RC-12		Bomer           Regina
RC-13		Brent		Regina
RC-14		Rose		Regina
RC-15		Colleen		Regina
RC-16		Manley		Pilot Butte
RC-17		Maggie		Pilot Butte
RC-18		Jerry		Regina
RC-19		Pat		Regina
RC-20		Randy		Craik
RC-21		Lenard		Regina
RC-22		Royce		Davin	
RC-23		Rachal		Regina
RC-24		Lorne		Regina
RC-25		Mike		Regina
RC-34		Perry		Regina
RC-36		Steven		Regina
RC-37		Florence	Regina
RC-42		Al		
RC-71		Ray		Saskatoon
RC-100		John		Zchner
RC-121		Mark		Regina
RC-122		Cheryl		Regina
RC-180		John & Kit	Limerick					
RC-201		Grant		Clavet
RC-204		Jules		Saskatoon
RC-205		Lori		Saskatoon
RC-207		Bob		Saskatoon
RC-210		Dave		Clavet
RC-213		Bruce		Saskatoon
RC-222		Tom		Saskatoon
RC-230		Bob		Saskatoon
RC-233		Gerry		Saskatoon
RC-239		Murray		Aberdeen
RC-241		Charles		Saskatoon
RC-244		Don		Saskatoon
RC-250		Rick		Saskatoon
RC-254		John		Shell Lake
RC-259		Sam		Saskatoon
RC-260		Doug		Saskatoon
RC-277		Peter		Saskatoon
RC-288		Gordon		Saskatoon
RC-295		Dean		Saskatoon
RC-298		Bob		Birch Hills
RC-299		Gordon		Saskatoon
RC-300		Jeanie		Saskatoon
RC-459		Randy		Regina
RC-469		Paul		Lipton
RC-650		Linda		Lipton
RC-651		Edwin		Lipton
RC-775		Butch		Regina
RC-777		Dave		Regina
RC-778		Stacey		Regina
RC-844		Rod		Creighton
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